Gift Guides for Kids! 🎁

While the kids (and perhaps some adults too) are polishing off the last of their Halloween candy we are here for the next leg of the holiday season that is sure to be hectic. So as to aid in a relatively smooth transition we bring you our 2017 Holiday Gift Guides.

The 2 gifts guides featured in this blog post are perfect for children. One gift guide suggests gifts for the child who gravitates towards more feminine/girly things and the second gift guide is meant for kids who like more masculine/boyish things. 


1. Which kid wouldn't want an amazing pillow in the shape of a doll decorating their bed? This one is from Quellyrue, and it's only $46!

2. Curl Mix provides DIY hair product kits that are marketed towards adults but could totally be a fun project for kids (it might even take the dread out of wash days). 

3. This vibrant sweatshirt from Quellyrue is sure to help your kid make a statement

4. The Wiz inspired clutch from Kashmirvii would be perfect for school stationary

5. Is your kid into cartoons, particularly The Powerpuff Girls? Then this pin pack from Adorned by Chi is perfect

1. A toy subscription box from Brown Toy Box that's perfect for kids 0-12years old.

2. An amazing skateboard from The Rad Black Kid for that adventurous kid in your life 

3. A cool denim backpack from  LLULO that will catch the eyes of your kid's classmates.

4. What child doesn't have a sweet tooth? Me & The Bees Lemonade variety pack is a perfect cure for that!  

5. Some old school black cartoon pins from Radical Dreams that give everyday a "Saturday morning cartoons" vibe.