Gift Guide for the Homebody and the Foodie 🍽🛋

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Just thinking about going out into crowded shopping malls this time of year makes me feel exhausted, but thankfully with online shopping, WiFi, and society's general acceptance of binge watching, home is truly where the best part of my day happens. 



And if your gift recipient (or you) are the same way, the two following gift guides will be provide suitable gifts.


Gift Guide 1

1. Step into the new year on the right foot with the Inspirational Wood Etching from Inspirado

2. Decorate your sofa or chair with this beautiful high quality Abren Throw from Bolé Road Textiles

3. This statement dunbi ankara pillow pouf set from LLULO is sure to make dinner guests gawk in admiration 

4. Get your menu right with The Kitchenista’s Appetizer Handbook from The Kitchenista Diaries

5. Nothing brings people together like a little friendly competition, and Black Card Revoked- First Edition from Cards For All People is sure to do that


Gift Guide #2

1. This Yvonne Potholder set from Rachel Stewart Jewelry will not only be practical but also look beautiful displayed in any kitchen 

2. Keep the drinks flowing without the pesky damage glasses/cups do to furniture with the help of these individual stone coasters by Tatiana Camice

3. Fill these pop culture mugs from Pin Living Color with your choice of beverage this holiday season

4. Who can resist decadent southern deserts? Well make your menu all the rage with the help of Jocelyn Delk Adams' book, Grandbaby Cakes: Modern Recipes, Vintage Charm, Soulful Memories

5. Set your dinner table right with the Allen Table Runner from Bolé Road Textiles